Annual Reports

To learn more about the Mechanism’s work and findings, read its Annual Reports presented to the UN Human Rights Council and transmitted to the UN General Assembly.


Highlights from the Mechanism’s fifth Annual Report

  • There has been a dramatic increase in the number of incidents bearing the hallmarks of serious international crimes in Myanmar since the military coup in February 2021.
  • Sexual and gender-based crimes during the 2016 and 2017 clearance operations against the Rohingya were so prevalent, they have become a specific area of investigation.
  • The Mechanism significantly increased its collection of eyewitness testimonies.
  • The Mechanism expanded its collaboration with civil society organizations, including by hosting its first Civil Society Dialogue.

Also transmitted to the General Assembly (A/78/299).

Read the press release and watch a message from the Head of the Mechanism for more information.


Highlights from the Mechanism’s fourth Annual Report

  • According to the evidence analyzed by the Mechanism, crimes against humanity and war crimes continue to be systematically committed in Myanmar, with ongoing conflicts severely impacting women, children and members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community.
  • The scope of potential serious international crimes in Myanmar broadened dramatically, and the Mechanism refined and recalibrated its investigative priorities accordingly.
  • The Mechanism enhanced its specialized capacities and deployed cutting-edge technology to help process the millions of information items it has received to prove the commission of serious international crimes and build cases against the individuals most responsible for them.

Also transmitted to the General Assembly (A/77/311).

Read the press release for more information.


Highlights from the Mechanism’s third Annual Report

  • The Mechanism laid out its plans for strengthening and expanding its work and adjusting its activities to respond to the influx of large volumes of information following the military’s seizure of power in Myanmar in February 2021.
  • The Mechanism continued to make progress in collecting and analyzing evidence related to events prior to the coup. It continued to use its resources and capacities strategically to advance investigations on the situation of the Rohingya and other priority incidents in Myanmar.

Also transmitted to the General Assembly (A/76/317).


Highlights from the Mechanism’s second Annual Report

  • The Mechanism made significant progress in its first year of work, including ramping up its operations and activities, and engaging with key stakeholders.

Also transmitted to the General Assembly (A/75/197).


Highlights from the Mechanism’s first Annual Report

  • The Mechanism developed its strategy, including initial priorities; key challenges on commencing its work; and the selection of incidents for investigation.
  • The Mechanism initiated steps for its operationalization and full functioning.

Also transmitted to the General Assembly (A/74/278).

Nicholas Koumjian presenting the fourth Annual Report to the HRC in 2022 (UN Photo by Pierre Albouy)