Sharing evidence

The Mechanism shares evidence and analysis with competent investigative, prosecutorial and judicial authorities to facilitate and expedite criminal proceedings in national, regional or international courts or tribunals.

The Mechanism carefully studies any request for information and will only share share information with authorities that:

  • Ensure the right to a fair trial and comply with international human rights laws and standards.
  • Have the capacity to protect victims and witnesses.
  • Will respect consent and confidentiality commitments made by the Mechanism to witnesses and information providers.
  • Will not impose the death penalty.

On a case-by-case basis, it may also share information for uses other than criminal proceedings to contribute to the interests of justice and deter further crimes.

To request information, documentation or evidence from the Mechanism, please follow the Guidelines for the Submission of Requests for Assistance.

With the consent of those who provided information, the Mechanism is currently sharing evidence and analysis in relation to serious international crimes against the Rohingya with the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court; the parties to The Gambia v. Myanmar case at the International Court of Justice; and prosecutors investigating the universal jurisdiction case in Argentina.