Confidential and sensitive communications

The Mechanism welcomes any type of information in any language, and it does not need to be sent in a specific format or template.

For any confidential and sensitive communications or sharing of information, please use the following communication methods:

Signal:             +41(0)76 691 12 08

(Download the Signal app to set up a Signal account to send a secure message via Signal).

Proton Mail:

(Create a free Proton Mail account and email us from your Proton Mail for secure, encrypted communication).

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. If you would like to provide information to the Mechanism, please do so securely and cautiously. Please wait until it is safe to communicate with us and do not take unnecessary risks.

We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy and security of people who provide information to us. We will not share this information, or any details about your identity, without your consent.

Suggested safety measures:

  • Keep your communication with the Mechanism confidential – please do not, to the extent possible, tell your family, friends or others that you are communicating with us or sending us information.
  • When communicating with us or sending information, please do so when there is no one around you. For example, do not send information from public places where you may be observed.
  • After sending a message to the Mechanism, fully delete it from your device (including from the Trash folder), and do not save the Mechanism’s Signal number or email address in your contacts.
  • Do not use your regular email address or the Mechanism’s general email address. Only send emails to the Mechanism’s Proton Mail address, from your Proton Mail account.

If you have any concerns about sharing information or materials with the Mechanism, please first make contact with us through the above means. We can discuss any concerns you have, including confidentiality and the ways in which the Mechanism may share the information provided with third parties.

We greatly appreciate the messages and information that you may share with us. However, due to the high number of messages that we receive and because of privacy and safety concerns, we will only respond to messages when there is a need for additional contact. If you prefer that we contact you in a certain manner or if you do NOT want us to contact you, please indicate that in your message. 

For further information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.