Bulletin – Issue 3, March 2021

Bulletin – Issue 3, March 2021

The main purpose of the Bulletin is to create awareness regarding the mandate and work of the Myanmar Mechanism, and to provide an update on its progress on a regular basis. The latest issue of the Bulletin is available in the English and Myanmar languages.

Myanmar Mechanism launches Facebook page

The Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar is pleased to announce the launch of its own page on the Facebook platform to further bolster its public outreach efforts. This can be found on facebook.com/MyanmarMechanism. The aim of the Myanmar Mechanism’s...

RFA Burmese interview with Nicholas Koumjian (part 2)

Nicholas Koumjian, Head of the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar, responds to questions related to the lack of access to crime scenes in Myanmar, the methodology of the Independent Commission of Enquiry on Myanmar’s report, and the importance of...